Cantor Lansky is the Cantor for All People’s Synagogue in South Florida. She is a Cantor for marriages, baby naming, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Memorial services, unveilings, Shabbat services and High Holy Days, Passover sedars, and Counseling: Individual and Group.  Cantor Lansky also has a Bachelor of Divinity Degree and is a licensed minister.  


Margo is a multi-talented artist, who has written over 1000 songs from Opera to Pop, Books, Poems, Children’s Books, and Jingles…she has appeared in film, TV, Commercials, and has a Modeling career. Recently honored by the Philanthropist, Henrietta, Countess de Hoernie for her talents, Margo wrote a song for the Countesses 100th birthday entitled:  “Give While You Live” (the Countesses motto) with a standing ovation from the hundreds that attended the event…she later performed the song at four additional events with the same results.


Cantor Lansky uses her voice to touch people, to convey messages, communicate values and moral lessons; her voice and original songs have longevity…her melodic genius and dynamic-vocal quality has a voice full of richness and soul that pours out into her lyrics; the audience relates to her and the lyrics; they are touched by her compassion and words of life’s’ situations.


Margo's first dream came true when she sang The National Anthem before a live audience of 18,000+, and a global-television audience of millions at Madison Square Garden for promoter, Don King.  Her second dream came true with discussions to tour with Andrea Bocelli.  Cantor Margo Lansky, is indeed, on her way to “her final goal of becoming a world-renowned cantor and artist!”…



      "Remember her name, the world will hear her voice                      and she will be cherished for generations to come."

             – Cantor Yehuda Shifman, World Renowned 9th generation Cantor

                Tel Aviv, Israel


      "You are ready to sing for the world."

             – Andrea Bocelli, Recording Artist


" The world will hear my songbird and she will be #1."

              - Don King, Boxing Promoter 


Cantor Margo Lansky was trained by a ninth generation world renowned Cantor from Israel, Yehuda Shifman. Cantor Lansky won numerous vocal competitions and scholarships to study music at Florida State University.  She made her National Anthem debut before a Florida Marlins game; followed by the Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers, Miami Heat, American Legion, and Florida Air Fair events. 

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